sweet cherry dip

Sweet Cherry Fruit Dip

Raising humans is a funny job. What’s funny to me is how much my children learn from me without me ever sitting down to teach them. After coloring eggs this past Easter my 6-year-old wanted to take a picture of his creation. I gave him my camera and thought to myself, “Aww isn’t that cute?!” The next thing I know he’s styling his shot next to our largest window to get better light just like he sees me do.

My toddler has now proclaimed that he is a “cooker.” He tells us to refer to him as The Cooker. Every morning he gathers bowls and spoons and random toys and gets to cooking. Most recently he made a pretend cake. Well, when his brother sneakily pretend-ate his Pretend Cake the whole neighborhood heard about it. You just don’t pretend-eat someone’s Pretend Cake unless you are invited. Besides, the cake wasn’t even finished- it still needed SPRINKLES! How infuriating! So what is a big brother to do? Thinking quickly, he opened his mouth and pretend-gave-it-back. Kids are gross. They did not get that from me.

sweet cherry dip

Sweet Cherry Fruit Dip

This was so good I could have eaten it with a spoon!  And easy, good grief.  After I pitted the cherries and diced them up it came together in minutes.

I used the juice from the diced cherries to add into the dip, it gave it a little more cherry flavor.  The sour cream gives the dip a very light texture and clean feel in your mouth. I loved it.

I can’t wait to try this with other fruit.  Any juicy, ripe fruit would be fantastic in the dip.  I can’t wait to try peaches.  Just imagine fresh ripe peaches and their juice in a light, delicious fruit dip. I can’t wait for peach season.

I used vanilla wafer cookies to accompany the dip but you could also use sliced fruit such as bananas, orange segments or apples.  Sweet Cherry Fruit Dip is delicious and perfect served as an appetizer or snack.

It would be perfect to take to a pot luck or to work as a snack for coworkers.  Whether it’s summer picnics or  winter holidays, they’ll love you for bringing this little treat!  Enjoy!


  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 11/2 Tablespoons light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup fresh sweet cherries pitted and diced or fresh fruit of your choice


  • Place the sour cream in a medium size bowl. Add the brown sugar and whisk until well incorporated.
  • Add the diced sweet cherries and any juice from dicing the cherries. Stir the cherries into the sour cream.
  • Keep cold in the refrigerator until ready to use. Serve with cut up fresh fruit or cookies.
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