fresh peach granola

Fresh Peach Granola and Yogurt Parfait

Easy and delicious yogurt parfait recipe! This recipe for fruity peach parfaits is great for breakfast, brunch, afternoon snack or even a healthy dessert! These peach parfaits are made with peaches and strawberries, coated in honey and chia seeds! The fruit is layered with sweet and crunchy granola and creamy Greek yogurt sweetened with condensed milk. Feel free to add your favorite fruit or berries to the mix such as kiwi, nectarines, raspberries, blueberries or whatever you have on hand.

fresh peach granola

Fresh Peach Granola and Yogurt Parfait!

This is my kind of breakfast or snack!  Fresh juicy ripe peaches laying on a bed of vanilla yogurt and topped with crunchy granola. Texture…layers of wonderful texture to make your mouth happy! Adding fresh raspberries or blueberries to Fresh Peach Granola and Yogurt Parfait will just make it that much better.


fresh peach granola

Yogurt ,fresh peaches and granola make a delicious breakfast parfait or snack!    It’s also a great way to make use of fruit in season or frozen thawed fruit when fresh isn’t available. The granola you can use to make the parfaits are endless. Not into making your own granola? Buy your favorite granola bars and crumble them up to make the parfait. If you are into making your own granola, try one of these recipes:

What kind of yogurt should I buy?

You know you want yogurt, and you know what flavors you like. That’s the easy part of buying yogurt. The confusing part happens when your looking at labels in the dairy section trying to figure out what percentage of fat is in them and does it contain the active cultures that I want. Here’s a run down of labels and what they mean.

  • Full Fat Yogurt – A full fat yogurt has whole milk and has 3.25 percent milk fat.
  • Low Fat Yogurt – A low fat yogurt has lowfat milk and has 2 and 0.5 percent milk fat
  • Non Fat Yogurt has skim milk and has less than 0.5 percent milk fat.
  • Yogurts that have a label “Contains active yogurt cultures” contain live active bacteria that is thought to provide yogurt with the many health benefits that we eat it for.
  • Heat Treated Yogurt – Yogurts with this label have been heat treated after culturing, which kills the beneficial live and active yogurt cultures.
You may be asking yourself what heat treated yogurt is used for if the beneficial live and active yogurt cultures are gone? Heat treated yogurt is used to make yogurt covered candy, yogurt covered pretzels and for making salad dressings made with yogurt.
fresh peach granola

We start this easy delicious and versatile Fresh Peach Yogurt Granola Parfait by dividing one six ounce container of vanilla lowfat yogurt into four dessert dishes. Divide half the granola amount amongst the 4 dessert dishes. Divide the cubed peaches between the dishes and top each parfait with the remaining six ounce container of yogurt and granola. Garnish with a peach slice, berries and mint leaf if desired.

fresh peach granola

Fresh Peach Granola and Yogurt Parfait it’s what’s for breakfast, snacks or treats and it’s delicious!

fresh peach granola


  • 2 – Six ounce containers vanilla low fat yogurt
  • 4 – medium fresh peaches peeled ,pitted and cut into cubes
  • 3/4 cup granola
  • Garnish with peach wedge or berries of your choice if desired.


  • 1. Divide one Six ounce container of yogurt among the 4 dessert glasses. Top with half the granola. Divide the cubed peaches among the dessert glasses, top with remaining six ounce container of yogurt and remaining granola. garnish as desired.
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