freezing bacon

Freezing Bacon


One of the very first cooking tricks I ever learned was just how much a slice or two of bacon can boost the flavor of an otherwise simple soup or braise. I was hooked from that first subtly smoky, bacon-enhanced bite. You can bet I had bacon stocked in my freezer ever after. Here’s how to freeze bacon so that you can grab just a few slices when you need them.

freezing bacon

Freezing Bacon

I love this method for Freezing Bacon.  It comes in so handy with only two of us in the house.  I don’t have to worry about using up an opened package of bacon before it goes bad.

This little tip will come in handy when all you need is a few slices of bacon to fry, crumble and add to soup for a pretty garnish ,  top a burger, put into a salad or just have a few slices for breakfast in the morning whenever you feel like it.

Buying bacon on sale and throwing a whole package into the freezer means you’re still going to have to thaw it out and use it up, even if all you want is a couple of  slices.

Take advantage of those bacon sales and use as little as you want at a time with this freezing method.  This is so easy, your going to wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself, I know I did.

can i freeze bacon

Here we go.  Remove the bacon from the store bought package. Take one strip at a time, lay it down flat in front of you on your counter top.

With one of the short ends pointing toward you and the other extending away from you,  roll the bacon into a tight cylinder. Stand the bacon up on end.  Repeat with each slice of bacon.

can bacon be frozen

Using a small freezer bag, place each bacon cylinder into the bag , making sure they are standing up side by side.  Fill the bag, close and freeze.

Removing the frozen bacon cylinders is a cinch with a little prying from a butter knife.  Microwave one minute to defrost or defrost  at room temperature.

Freezing Bacon to use when you want it, in the amount you need, just got a whole lot easier !    Enjoy!

how to freeze bacon

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